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Muzilkree 2 years ago
tits 7/10
Mikashura 2 years ago
Moreeee ridingg vids please! Woow
JoJolar 2 years ago
Shit I'd fuck u Mary
Niramar 2 years ago
this is definitely true for men. but i do wonder for women. because a very small torso would leave little room for a large penis to penitrate. i dated a smaller italian woman who at 30 years old, had only had a couple of sexual encounters, because her v was pretty small, and deep penitration was very hard for her. i liked her a lot, but she could only have sex for like 15 minuites, and had to stop. over and over. it was frustrating. how much penitration could a 3 foot woman stand, no matter how much she wanted it.

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