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Shagar 1 year ago
My department hired someone I knew professionally, from an external client. The client and she parted ways less than amicably.
Dousida 1 year ago
Please do a movie sucking dick and guzzling jizz, pretty please
Goltikazahn 1 year ago
I'm glad they can turn that around a bit with the apology, but I'm still pretty soured on the show itself. I saw the ManBearPig episode way back when, and it just reminded me why I stopped watching the show altogether after the 3rd or 4th season, years before. Even as a snarky early-20's dude I thought they were drinking far too much of their own KoolAid and ceased to find anything redeemable from the vast majority of the episodes.except the World of Warcraft episode. that one still cracks me up :)
Fekinos 1 year ago
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