Day Feast Class Vestment F/PA/A
1 Feria
Comm. of St. Giles - Abbot
Comm. of the Holy Twelve Brothers - Martyrs
2 St. Stephen King - Confessor 3rd White  
3 St. Pius X - Pope/Confessor 3rd White  
4 Feria      
5 St. Laurence Justinian - Bishop/Confessor 3rd White  
6 Feria      
7 Feria      
8 Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Comm. of St. Hadrian - Martyr
2nd White  
9 Feria
Comm. of St. Gorgonius - Martyr
10 St. Nicholas of Tolentino - Confessor 3rd White  
11 Feria
Commemoration of Ss. Protus and Hyacinth - Martyrs
12 The Most Holy Name of Mary 3rd White  
13 Feria       
14 Exaltation of the Holy Cross 2nd Red
15 Seven Sorrows of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Comm. of St. Nicomedes - Martyr
2nd White  
16 St. Cornelius Pope/Martyr
St. Cyprian Bishop/Martyr
Comm. of St. Euphemia - Virgin
Comm. Sts. Lucy and Geminianus - Martyrs
3rd Red  
17 Feria
Commemoration of the Impression of the sacred Stigmata of St. Francis - Confessor
18 St. Joseph of Cupertino - Confessor 3rd White  
19 St. Januarius - Bishop and Companions Martyrs 3rd Red  
20 Feria
Comm. of St. Eustace and Companions - Martyrs
21 St. Matthew - Apostle/Evangelist 2nd Red  
22 St. Thomas of Villanova - Bishop/Confessor
Comm. of Sts. Maurice and Companions Martyrs
3rd White  
23 St. Linus - Pope/Martyr
Comm. of St. Thecla - Virgin/Martyr
3rd Red  
24 Feria
Comm. of Our Lady of Ransom
25 Feria      
26 Feria
Commemoration of Ss. Cyprian and Justina - Virgin/Martyrs
27 Sts. Cosmas and Damian - Martyrs 3rd Red  
28 St. Wenceslaus - Duke/Martyr 3rd Red  
29 Dedication of St. Michael Archangel 1st White  
30 St. Jerome - Priest/Confessor/Doctor 3rd White  
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