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Day Feast Class Vestment F/PA/A
1 Feria
Commemoration of the Holy Machabees  -Martyrs
2 St. Alphonsus Mary of Liguori - Bishop/Confessor/Doctor
Comm. of St. Stephen I - Pope/Martyr
3rd White  
3 Feria   Red  
4 St. Dominic Confessor - Greater 3rd    
5 Dedication of Our Lady of the Snows 3rd White  
6 Transfiguration of our Lord Jesus Christ
Com. of St. Xystus I - Pope
Comm. of Sts. Felicissimus and Agapitus - Martyrs
2nd White  
7 St. Cajetan - Confessor
Comm. of St. Donatus - Bishop/Martyr
3rd White  
8 St. John Mary Vianney - Confessor/Priest
Comm. of Ss. Cyriacus, Largus, and Smaragdus - Martyrs
3rd White  
9 Vigil St. Laurence - Martyr 2nd    
10 St. Laurence - Martyr 2nd Red  
11 Feria
Commemoration of Ss. Tiburtius and Susanna - Virgin/Martyrs
12 St. Clare - Virgin 3rd White  
13 Feria
Commemoration of Ss. Hippolytus and Cassian - Martyrs
14 Vigil of the Assumption of the BVM 2nd White
15 Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary 1st Red  
16 St. Joachim - Father of the Blessed Virgin Mary 2nd    
17 St. Hyacinth of Poland - Confessor 3rd    
18 Feria
Comm. of St. Agapitus - Martyr
3rd White  
19 St. John Eudes - Confessor 3rd White  
20 St. Jerome Emiliani - Confessor
Comm. of St. Margaret - Virgin/Martyr
3rd White  
21 St. Jane Frances de Chantal - Widow 3rd White  
22 Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Comm. of Sts. Timothy and Companions - Martyrs
2nd White  
23 St. Philip Benizi - Confessor 3rd Red  
24 St. Bartholomew - Apostle 2nd    
25 St. Louis - King/Confessor 3rd Red  
26 Feria
Commemoration of St. Zephyrinus Pope Martyr
2nd Red  
27 St. Augustine - Bishop/Confessor/Doctor
Comm. of St. Hermes - Martyr
28 Beheading of St. John the Baptist
Comm. of St. Sabina - Martyr
3rd Red  
29 St. Martha - Virgin
Comm. of Sts. Felix, Simplicius, Faustinus, and Beatrice - Martyrs
3rd White  
30 St. Rose of Lima - Virgin
Comm. of Sts. Felix and Adauctus - Martyrs
31 St. Raymond Nonnatus - Confessor 3rd White  
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