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St. Luke the Evangelist


Red   2nd Class
Ps. 138:17

Mihi autem nimis honorati sunt amici tui, Deus: nimis confortatus est principatus eorum.(Psalm) Domine, probasti me, et congnovisti me: tu cognovisti sessionem meam, et resurrectionem meam.  Gloria Patri. Mihi autem...

  THY friends, O God, are mad exceedingly honorable their principality is exceedingly strengthened. (Psalm) Lord, Thou hast proved me and known me: Thou hast known my sitting down and my rising up. Glory be to the Father. Thy friends...

Interveniat pro nobis, quaesumus, Domine, sanctus tuus Lucas Evangelista: qui crucis mortificationem jugiter in suo sorpore, pro tui nominis honore, portavit. Per Dominum nostrum.

Let holy Luke, Thine Evangelist, we beseech Thee, O Lord, intercede for us, who for the glory of Thy name ever bore in his body the mortification of the cross. Through our Lord.
II Cor. 8:16-24

Fratres: Gratias ago Deo, qui dedit eamdem sollicitudinem pro vobis in corde Titi, quoniam exhortationem quidem suscepit: sed cum sollicitor esset, sus voluntate profectus est ad vos. Misimus etiam cum illo fratrem cujus laus est in Evangelio per omnes ecclesias: non solum autem, sed et ordinaturs est ab ecclesiis comes peregrinationis nostrae in hanc gratiam, quae ministratur a nobis ad Domnini gloriam, et destinatam voluntatem nostrum: devitantes hoc, ne quis nos vituperet in hac plenitudine, quae ministratur a nobis. Providemus enimbona non solum coram Deo, sed etiam coram hominibus. Misimus autem cum illis et fratrem nostrum: devitantes hoc, ne quis nos vitantes hoc, ne quis nos vituperet in hace plentudine, quae ministratur a nobis providemus enum bona non solum coram Deo, sed etiam coram hominibus. Misimus autem cum illis et fratrem nostrum, quem probavimus in multis saepe sollicitum esse nunc autem multo sollicitiorem confidentia multa in vos, sive pro Tito qui est socius meus, et in vos adjutor, sive fratres nostri, Apostolo ecclesiarum, gloria Christi. Ostensionem ergo, quae est caritatis vestrae, et nostrae gloriae pro vobis, in illos ostendite in faciem ecclesiarum.

  Brethren, I give thanks to God, who hath given the same carefulness for you in the heart of Titus. For indeed he accepted the exhortation; but being more careful, of his own will he went unto you. We have sent also with him the brother, whose praise is in the gospel through all the churches. And not that only, but he was also ordained by the churches companion of our travels, for this grace, which is administered by us, to the glory of the Lord, and our determined will: Avoiding this, lest any man should blame us in this abundance which is administered by us. For we forecast what may be good not only before God, but also before men. And we have sent with them our brother also, whom we have often proved diligent in many things; but now much more diligent, with much confidence in you, Either for Titus, who is my companion and fellow labourer towards you, or our brethren, the apostles of the churches, the glory of Christ. Wherefore shew ye to them, in the sight of the churches, the evidence of your charity, and of our boasting on your behalf.
Ps. 18:5,2
In omnem terram exivit sonus eorum: et in fines orbis terrae verba eorum. Coeli enarrant gloriam Dei: et opera manuum ejus annuntiat firmamentum.   Their sound went forth into all earth: and their words to the ends of the world. The heavens show forth the glory of God, and the firmament declarth the work of His hands.
Lk. 10:1-9
In illo tempore: Designavit Dominus et alios septuaginta duos: et misit illos binos ate faciem suam in omnem civitatem et locum, quo erat ipse venturus. Et dicebat illis: Messis quidem multa operarii autem pauci. Rogate ergo Dominum messis, ut mittat operarios in messem suam. Ite ecce, ego mitto vos sicut agnos inter lupos. Nolite portare sacculum, neque peram neque calceamenta; et neminem per viam salutaveritis. In quamcumque domum intraveritis, primum dicite: Pax huic domui: et si ibi fuerit filios pacis requiescet super illum pax vestra sin autem ad vos revertetur. In eadem autem domo manete, edentes et bibentes quae apud illos sunt: dignus est enim operarious mercede sua. Nolite transire de domo in domum. Et in quacumque civitatem intraveritis, et susceperint vos, manducate quae apponuntur vobis: et curate infirmos, qui in illa sunt, et dicite illis: Appropinquavit in vos regnum Dei. At that time, Jesus appointed also other seventy-two: and he sent them two and two before his face into every city and place whither he himself was to come. And he said to them: The harvest indeed is great, but the labourers are few. Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he send labourers into his harvest. Go: Behold I send you as lambs among wolves. Carry neither purse, nor scrip, nor shoes; and salute no man by the way. Into whatsoever house you enter, first say: Peace be to this house. And if the son of peace be there, your peace shall rest upon him; but if not, it shall return to you. And in the same house, remain, eating and drinking such things as they have: for the labourer is worthy of his hire. Remove not from house to house. And into what city soever you enter, and they receive you, eat such things as are set before you. And heal the sick that are therein, and say to them: The kingdom of God is come nigh unto you.
Ps. 138:17
Mihi autem nimis honorati sunt amici tui, Deus: mimis confortatus est principatus eorum.   Thy friends, O God, are exceedingly honorable; their principality  is exceedingly strengthened.
Donis coelestibus da nobis, quaesumeus, Domine, libera tibi mente servire: ut munera quae deferimus, interveniente beato Evangelista tuo Luca et medelam nobis operentur, et gloriaam. Per Dominum nostrum. By these heavenly gifts, we beseech Thee, O Lord, grant us to serve Thee with freedom of mind: so that throug the intercession of Thy blessed Evangelist Luke, the offerings we bring may win for us from these both healing and glory. Through the same our Lord.
Preface of the Apostles
Vere dignum et justum est, aequum et salutare, Te Domine suppliciter exorare, ut gregem tuum pator aeterne, non deseras: sed per beatos Apostolos tuos continua protectione custodias. Ut iisdem rectoribus gubernetur, quos operis tui vicarios eidem contulisti praeesse pastores. Et ideo cum Angelis et Archangelis, cum Thronis et Dominationibus, cumque omni militia caelestis exercitus, hymnum gloriae tuae canimus, sine fine dicentes:   It it truly meet and just, right and for our salvation, to entreat Thee humbly, O Lord, that Thou wouldst not desert Thy flock, O everlasting Shepherd, but, through Thy blessed Apostles, wouldst keep it under Thy constant protection; that it may be governed by those same rulers, whom as vicars of Thy work, Thou didst set over it to be its pastors. And therefore with Angels and Archangels, with Thrones and Dominations, and with all the hosts of the heavenly army, we sing the hymn of Thy glory, evermore saying:
Mt. 19:28
Vos, qui secuti estis me, sedebitis super sedes, judicantes dupdecim tribus Israel. You who have followed Me shall sit upon, judging the twelve tribes of Israel.
Praesta, quaesumus, omnipotens Deus: ut, quod de sancto alari tuo accepimus, precibus beati Evangelistae tui Lucae, sanctificet animas nostras, per quod tuti esse possimus. Per Dominum nostrum.   Grant, we beseech Thee almighty God, that what we have received at Thy holy altar, may by the prayers of Thy blessed Evangelist Luke, hallow our souls and keep us in safety. Through our Lord.
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