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St. Polycarp

St. Polycarp, a disciple of St. John the Apostle, was Bishop of Smyrna for seventy years and was martyred under Marcus Aurelius in 169

Red   3rd Class
Dan 3:84,87,57

Sacerdotes Dei, benedicite  Dominum: sancti, et humiles corde, laudate Deum. Benedicite omnia opera Domini Domino: laudate et superexaltate eum in sacula. Gloria Patri.  Sacerdotes Dei...

  O ye priests of the Lord, bless the Lord: O ye holy and humble of heart, praise God. All ye works of the Lord, bless the Lord: praise and exalt him above all for ever. Glory be to the Father. O ye priests of the Lord....
Deus, qui nos beati Polycarp Martyris tui atque Pontificis annue solemnitate laetificas, concede propitius; ut cujus natalitia colimus de ejusdem etim protectione gaudeamus. Per Dominum nostrum.

O God, Who dost gladden us by the annual feast of blessed Polycarp, Thy Martyr and Bishop: mercifully grant that we, who celebrate his heavenly birthday, may also rejoice in his protection.  Through our Lord.
II Cor 1:3-7
Carmissim: Omnis qui non est justus, non est ex Deo, et qui non diligit fratrem suum: quoniam haec est annuntiatio, quam audistis ab initio, ut diligatis alterutrum. Non sicut Cain, qui ex maligno erat, et occidit fratrem suum. Et propter quid occidit eum? Quoniam opera ejust maligna erant: fratris autem ejus justa. Nolite mirari, fratres, si odit vos maudus. Nos scimus, quoniam translatisumus de morte ad vitam, quoniam diligimus gratres. Qui non diligit, manet in morte omnis qui odit fratrem suum homicida est. Et scitis quoniam omnis homida non habet vitam aeternam in semetipso manentem. In hoc cognovimus caritatem Dei, quoniam ille animam suam pro nobis posuit: et nos debemus pro fratribus animas ponere.

  Most dearly beloved, whosoever is not just, is not of God, nor he that loveth not his brother. For this is the declaration, which you have heard from the beginning, that you should love one another. Not as Cain, who was of the wicked one, and killed his brother. And wherefore did he kill him? Because his own works were wicked: and his brother's just. Wonder not, brethren, if the world hate you. We know that we have passed from death to life, because we love the brethren. He that loveth not, abideth in death. Whosoever hateth his brother is a murderer. And you know that no murderer hath eternal life abiding in himself. In this we have known the charity of God, because he hath laid down his life for us: and we ought to lay down our lives for the brethren.
Ps. 8:6-7
Gloria et honore coronasti eum, Et constituisti eum super opera manuumtuarum Domine.   Thou hast crowned him with glory and honor. And hast set him over the works of Thy hands, O Lord.
Alleluia, alleluia.  Hic est sacerdis, quem coronavit Dominus.. Alleluia.   Alleluia, alleluia. This is the priest who the Lord hath crowned. Alleluia.
Mt. 10:26-34
In illo tempore: Dixit Patrus ad Jesum: Ecce nos reliquimus omnia, et secuti sumus te: quid ergo erit nobis? Jesus autem dixit illis: Amen dico vobis, quod vos, qui secuti estis me, in regeneratione, cum sederit Filius hominis in sede majestatis suae, sedebitis et vos super sedes duodecum judicantes duodecim tribus Israel. Et omnis, qui religuerit domum, vel fratres, aut sorores, aut patrem , aut matrem, aut uxorem, aut filios, aut agros, propter nomen, meum, centuplum accipiet, et vitam aeternam possidebit.   At that time, Jesus said to His disciples: Nothing is covered that shall not be revealed: nor hid, that shall not be known. That which I tell you in the dark, speak ye in the light: and that which you hear in the ear, preach ye upon the housetops. And fear ye not them that kill the body, and are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him that can destroy both soul and body in hell. Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing? and not one of them shall fall on the ground without your Father. But the very hairs of your head are all numbered.  Fear not therefore: better are you than many sparrows. Every one therefore that shall confess me before men, I will also confess him before my Father who is in heaven.
Ps. 88:21-22
Inveni David servum meum in oleo sancto meo linui eum manus enim mea auxiliabitur ei et brachium meum confirmabit eum   I have found David my servant: with my holy oil I have anointed him. For my hand shall help him: and my arm shall strengthen him.
Munera tibi, Domine, dicata sancticica: et, intercedente beato Polycarp, Martyre tuo atque Pontifice, per eadem nost placatus intende. Per Dominum nostrum. Sanctify, O Lord, the gifts dedicated to Thee, and because of them, by the intercession of Blessed Polycarp, Thy Martyr and Bishop, look on us with mercy. Through our Lord.
The Common Preface
   Vere dignum et justum est, aequum et salutare, nos tibi semper, et ubique gratias agere: Domine sancte, Pater omnipotens, aeterne Deus: per Christum Dominum nostrum. Per quem majestatem tuam laudant Angeli, adorant Dominationes, tremunt Potestates. Coeli coelorumque Virtutes ac beata Seraphim socia exsultatione concelebrant. Cum quibus et nostras voces ut admitti jubeas, deprecamur supplici confessione dicentes:      It it truly meet and just, right and for our salvation, that we should at all times, and in all places, give thanks to Thee, holy Lord, Father almighty, eternal God, through Christ our Lord: through Whom Angels praise Thy Majesty, Dominations worship, Powers stand in awe: the Heavens and the host of heaven with blessed Seraphim unite, exult and celebrate and we entreat that Thou wouldst bid our voices also to be heard with theirs, singing with lowly praise:
Ps. 20:4
Posuisti, Domine, in capite ejus coronam de lapide pretioso.   Thou hast set on his head, O Lord, a crown of precious stones
Refecti participatione muneris sacrei, quaesumus, Domine Deus noster: ut, cujus exsequimur cultum, intercedente beato Polycarpo, Martyre tuo atque Pontifice sentiamus effectum. Per Dominum nostrum.   Refreshed by partaking of Thy holy Gift, we beseech Thee, O Lord our God, that through the intercession of Blessed Polycarp, Thy Martyr and Bishop, we may perceive the fruit of the rite which we celebrate. Through our Lord. Through our Lord.
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